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There are several online programs that provide training to become a medical assistant. These programs are no less valid and qualified than those where one studies at a brick-and-mortar school location. During these programs, aside from the classes that are necessary to learn the practical aspects of this profession, certification requirements will be covered as well. Upon completion, they will still result in an individual securing the training to work professionally in the medical assisting field.


According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are several different programs available where one can train in this particular field. Some of those programs are certificate programs, where upon completion, will result in a CMA designation (Certified Medical Assistant) or a LMA designation (Licensed Medical Assistant). Both of these are sufficient enough mostly for work in a physician’s office. Two-year colleges also offer medical assisting training, and often result in obtaining an Associate’s Degree in this field.


If you wish to hold certification through the American Association of Medical Assistants, you must complete a program that is credentialed through this association. An examination is required – the Certification/Recertification Examination). Upon successful completion, one would have the AAMA designation after their title, i.e., LMA/AAMA or CMA/AAMA. The examination itself consists of several different categories – general, administrative and clinical in nature. It will be broken up in four, 40-minute sections and consists of a total of 200 multiple-choice questions.

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An excellent website to locate an online medical assisting training program In it, programs are listed state-by-state and are listing in order of their national rankings. Kaplan University, Herzing University and University of Phoenix are only the top three online training programs, but there are several other qualified online programs listed here as well.

Job Outlook:

Medical Assisting is proving to be an industry with a great deal of potential. The U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts that this field will grow by about twenty-nine percent between 2012 and 2022. The earnings for this field are impressive. Certified Medical Assistants are earning a median wage in the neighborhood of $29,370.00, as of May 2012. The work hours for this field are mainly full-time and occur during daytimes, but there are still a few exceptions to this. There are several clinics throughout the country, such as many urgent care locations, that are open during weekend hours. Because of this, it is possible to work on a less-than-full-time basis.