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cardiovascular technologist holding a heart shape

How Much Money Does a Cardiovascular Technologist Make?

A career as a cardiovascular technologist is a great jump start toward a lifelong association with the healthcare industry. Many young adults choose to become some type of medical technologist because it requires very little training and they can get to work soon after they graduate from high school. If you are looking for an excellent […]

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Top Physician Assistant Programs in South Carolina

When shopping around for the best medical attending schools in South Carolina, it is helpful to research different types of programs. For instance, the advantages of attending one medical assisting program over another may be more aligned with your goals. There are community colleges and technical schools in different cities in South Carolina. If you […]

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What is a Medical Assistant?

What is a Medical Assistant Medical assistants typically work with physicians at outpatient or emergency care facilities. Medical assistants are required at hospitals, medical offices and doctor’s clinics. Statistics show that medical assisting is one of the fastest growing careers in the United States, with a huge surge in the number of doctor’s offices and […]

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