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Top 12 Ways on How to Become a CNA: A Good Career Move

If you have ever thought about becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant but didn’t know where to start, now is your chance. A nursing assistant takes on a very crucial role in the healthcare industry. They are there to fill in the gaps and take care of the small yet important nursing tasks so that registered […]

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Phlebotomy: obtaining blood samples

What Does a Phlebotomist Do In The Healthcare Industry?

A career in healthcare is perhaps the most secure type of occupation you could ask for. There will always be a need for doctors, nurses, and the people who assist them daily. That includes phlebotomy technicians. These specialists draw blood samples for medical tests or take blood from donors for donations. They are a very […]

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a woman working as a medical billing and coding jobs in a hospital

List of Medical Billing and Coding Jobs in the US

Medical billing and coding jobs in the United States is a growing trend. While some believe that the two positions are one in the same, they are two entirely different positions. Do they often overlap? Yes. However, before we go there, let’s take a look at the two positions separately. Medical Billing Medical billing is […]

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