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Registered Medical Assistant

You've probably heard that jobs in the medical field are more secure than many other career choices, and you might have also heard that they generally pay pretty well and come with benefits. If you're looking for a job that can offer you stability and a good income while also allowing you to participate in […]
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Medical Assistant Certification Practice Test

After what seems like months of training to become a medical assistant, you’re almost finished. The next step is taking and passing the certification exam. Are you ready or do you need more time? The good news is that you can check into taking a medical assistant certification practice test. Learn more below. What is […]
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Certified Medical Assistant Certification and Training

What is a Medical Assistant?Medical assistants are supporting members of the medical field. They don't make diagnoses, administer medicine or examine patients. They do take vital signs, update patient records, make appointments and get patients ready for examination by the physician. They interact quite a lot with patients, though they may also have administrative and […]
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