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Certified Medical Assistant Salary

If you have given consideration to becoming a certified medical assistant, you should know that doing so can help you accomplish your personal and professional goals. In order to ensure that you excel within this sector, it is important that you gain basic information regarding the types of programs and degrees you need to obtain in order to become a marketable job candidate. Attaining formal training and certification by taking classes from accredited schools can also affect the type of salary you will be able to command. By reading the information found below, you can gain a basic understanding of these subjects so you can prepare to pursue a career as a certified medical assistant.

Certified Medical Assistant-A Brief Overview

A certified medical assistant is an individual who performs clinical and administrative tasks in the offices of chiropractors, podiatrists, physicians, and other health practitioners. The duties involved will vary based on factors such as practice size, specialty, and location.

In most cases, certified medical assistants will attain a postsecondary education in the form of a certificate in order to work within the field. In other cases, however, the medical assistant obtains a high school diploma and subsequently gains experience via on-the-job training. There are a plethora of different certification options you can pursue in order to become the most qualified job candidate available, and one of them is to obtain credentials through the Certifying Board of the American Association of Medical Assistants. This process involves taking the CMA (AAMA) Certification/Recertification Examination.

Certified Medical Assistant SalaryCertified Medical Assistant Salary Expectations

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the expected annual salary for a medical assistant is $29,370. This salary is subject to change based on a plethora of factors including but not limited to education, experience, and location. For example, a certified medical assistant who lives in California can expect to earn about $55,000 annually. On the other hand, a certified medical assistant who resides in New York can bring in around $6[2,000 each year.


If you are ready to pursue a career as a certified medical assistant, there are several factors you should consider carefully to ensure that you become a marketable job candidate. By reviewing the information above regarding salaries as well as the importance of training and certification classes, you can begin taking the steps necessary to accomplish your vocational goals. Good luck!