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Top Medical Assistant Training in Idaho

With the opportunity to earn a solid living in this state, many medical assistant training in  Idaho are helping students earn the diplomas, certifications and degrees they are looking for to work within doctors’ offices and medical facilities. Idaho has a population of 1.5 million, attracting visitors and residents alike to this 14th largest state in the nation. Although there are under 10 medical assistant schools in Idaho, this job sector remains popular and in demand.

Medical Assistant Training in Idaho

You’ll find a strong outlook for job growth particularly in the larger cities like Boise that are riding a high from the recent influx of high-tech companies. With growing health care demand taking place within the state, it’s never been a better time to pursue a career as a medical aide. In this type of job, you will help doctors, nurses and support staff in their daily duties, assisting with testing, taking patient vitals and filing necessary paperwork. You can work in a hospital setting or a doctors’ office setting.

How to Get Certified in Idaho

Finding the best medical attendant school for your needs will take a bit of research and digging on your part. Crucial questions to ask include tuition costs, financial aid availability, online and night class availability, programs, degrees and campus environment. Be sure to choose at least five schools to send your application to. This will boost the odds of getting accepted to a place you love.

Salaries for Certified and Registered Medical Assistants in Idaho

The salary of a medical helper in this state is on par with the national average, which is $29,000, or $14 per hour, says the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The prospect for job growth remains strong and expected to grow by 29 percent by the year 2020. Nationally, there’s an employment change of 162,900 expected within that same time frame.

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